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Eternal Starsong

Eternal Starsong


'Eternal Starsong' Acrylic on Canvas - Visionary Landscape of the Soul


She celebrates our Soul's journey through lifetimes of learnings and self-discovery. This Star-Being also embodies the 5th dimension shift with all 15 of our Chakras coming online and activating between Solstice 21st June 2022 and Lions Gate 8th August 2022.


Her empowering energy releases all our fear-based restrictions.Ancient memory awakens as the Butterfly at her Heart spreads its wings like a totem of Transformation. The Alchemy of the Heart.


The Crescent Moon at her Crown connects with us to our Stargate Chakra, to our Soul Star and amplifies our capacity to Anchor the Light in our bodies when we close our eyes, breathe and tune-in.


She holds the frequency of the Lemurian Seed Crystal Activation.Transformation through the healing vibration of Sound. Intention and Sound manifest healing in our bodies and through all layers of our energy field.


She is connection to Earth, the Elements, the Stars and our Hearts.An interface between other realms and dimensions and a doorway into our Soul.


Artwork: 'Eternal Starsong'

Acrylic on Canvas


Also avaialble at 'Leaf Studios' gallery and shop in Kallista, Melbourne. Shipping costs are extra depending on location

  • Acrylic on Duck Cotton Canvas - 61cm x 76 cm

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