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Private Sound Circles Are Back - Your Very Own Mini -Retreat!

Gather friends,family or work colleagues for Sound Healing bliss

A truly memorable journey to share special events or just to give a nurturing gift to the special people in your life. Corporate and community group sessions also available for a unique team-building option!

Samantha creates a unique Sound Immersion experience with a variety of beautiful instruments to calm your mind, body and spirit and leave you Floating in Beauty.

The cosmic frequencies of the Crystal Singing bowls, earthy resonance of the Tibetan bowls and Buffalo drum bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. They calm the nervous system and bring a sense of harmony and peace, which is deeply healing on all levels.

Give your friends, family or employees a precious gift of peace, inspiration and well-being.

What You Experience

* Samantha connects you to your body-wisdom and self-healing gifts

* No experience of meditation is needed as Samantha gently guides you into relaxation through breath-work and visualization

* She weaves a magical blend of vibrational healing with Sound, Reiki and Crystals

* Crystal energy is combined with the frequencies of the instruments for unique self-healing

* Each Circle is tailored for your special event whether it is for friends, family, community groups or corporate events

* Samantha also brings her beautiful Goddess Aura Sprays to cleanse and clear your energy field and create sacred space ( also available to purchase on the day $25.00 50ml)

* Your home or office filled with the clearing frequencies of the bowls to restore harmony and and peace

Event Space Option at 'Mindful AF' Emerald

If you don't have a suitable space for your group, Samantha offers sessions at 'Mindful AF' 3/333 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd. Emerald in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

What is the Cost

  • 1.5 hours Sound Healing Mini Retreat at Home - from $33.00 per person depending on your location

  • 1.5 hours Sound Healing Mini-Retreat at 'Mindful AF' Emerald- $55.00 per person 1.5 hours

How to Organise

Contact Samantha at to confirm your date and details.

Samantha sends you an advert for your event with a unique ticket link for participant bookings.

Samantha is a qualified Holistic Therapist and Intuitive Artist

1-1 Sessions in Cockatoo

Samantha also offers 1-1 sessions of Sound Healing, Crystal Reiki and Past-Life Karmic Journeys from her little studio in Cockatoo. These sessions go deep into body and Soul work, clearing your chakras, releasing blockages from the auric field and cellular memory. Samantha also works with Body Tuning Forks and a variety of powerful sound healing instruments to bring transformation on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Samantha facilitates monthly Soul Nourish Circles at 'Mindful AF' in Emerald ( 3rd Friday each month - see Events or Facebook page for ticket link.)

She is available for Event collaborations with Yoga & Meditation facilitators and creates Sound Immersions in your Wellness space ( send message via contact page.)

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