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Upcoming Events

Sound Healing Circle Pakenham


Fortnightly Thursdays 7pm-9.00pm

15th December 2022 

Tickets $33.00

'Clover Wellness' - 1/4 James St. Pakenham

Enjoy the beautiful resonance of the Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, Gong and Buffalo drum in this 90 mins Sound immersion with Samantha. Be gently guided into blissful relaxation and release.

Sound Healing is beneficial on many levels as it integrates spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional forms of wellbeing to relieve stress,reduce anxiety and improve health.

You may experience improved;

*mood patterns & sleep

*relief from headaches,muscle tension and pain

* focus, concentration and motivation  

Bring your favourite Crystal and sink into the experience of bliss and beauty as Samantha connects you into the flow of Crystal and Universal Healing energy.     

This is a cosy space to connect with like-minded people and discover self-healing techniques.Samantha's Oracle Cards also support your journey with intuitive guidance and insight. 

Please arrive 10 mins before the Circle begins, so we can start on time and bring;

  • blanket & water bottle

  • journal, pen

  • a favourite Crystal

​Samantha is a qualified and experienced Holistic Practitioner and Intuitive Artist.

She offers Soul Nourish 1-1 sessions of Crystal Reiki, Sound Healing, Past-Life Hypnosis, Private and Corporate Sound Healing Circles and Intuitive Art workshops at 'Clover Wellness' and her studio in Cockatoo.


 Soul Nourish Circle at 'Mindful AF' Emerald


Monthly Sound Healing Circle

23 rd December 2022 7.00pm-8.30pm

Tickets $33.00 

'Mindful AF' 3/333 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd. Emerald


Immerse yourself in 90 mins of heart-centered bliss and Soul Connection on the 3rd Friday of each month. I'll share self-healing techniques, how to connect with crystals and channel energy to open your intuition and understand your body- wisdom.


This Circle holds the balance for yin and yang energies so everyone welcome


You'll Enjoy;

  • the flow of Reiki and Crystal energy

  • high Frequency Sound Vibrations to cleanse your Chakras and Aura

  • oracle cards for guidance

  • a sense of peace, calm, relaxation and release


What to bring;

  • mat, pillow & blanket & water bottle

  • journal and pens

  • your Crystal or personal item ie. feather, token


​Circle held at 'Mindful AF - 3/333 Main Street Emerald, Victoria.


Samantha is a qualified and accredited Holistic Practitioner and Artist.

She also offers Soul Nourish 1-1 sessions of Past-Life and Creative Art with Energy and Sound Healing from her studio in Cockatoo.

Lunar Market

Lunar Market Emerald
Lunar Market Tent
Artwork & Handcrafted Gifts

Sunday nearest the Full Moon  4pm - 9pm at 'Divine Alchemy Secret Cauldron' Emerald

Unique hand-crafted gifts, music & Sound Healing

Sound Healing Sessions 20 mins $30.00 with Samantha

Book on  the day - get in quick!

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Sound Healing with Jo
Tibetan & Crystal Singing bowls
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