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Samantha Jane Ronalds from Soul Nourish Wellbeing

Welcome to Soul Nourish Wellbeing !


I'm Samantha Jane Ronalds and I'm originally from Lancashire in the North West of England. I've lived in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne for over 25 years with my Australian husband and our dogs, cat, chooks and birds.

I weave several Healing modalities into my work, but Sound is the catalyst.

My inspiration flows from the visions I see when I'm playing my Singing bowls, a kind of synesthesia and frequency of creativity. Colours and geometry emerge from the Sounds and I love to channel this energy of Earth & Stars onto the canvas in acrylics, watercolours, poetry and journalling.

Every artwork has it's own story and is layered with dream-weaving vibrational frequencies and symbols that link to Soul.I work with Crystals and create my 'Goddess Aura' sprays on certain powerful Full Moons.They're imbued with Lunar, Crystal and Reiki energy and infused with 8 essential oils and spring water from Chalice Well Gardens.

I also paint shamanic Buffalo and Frame drums, which hold a special resonance and Goddess vibration.I take commissions and pre-orders and I'm always happy to create a Bespoke artwork for you.

I share my spiritual tools in Art & Sound Healing workshops, Sound Healing Circles,Retreats and 1-1 sessions.I'm a qualified Holistic & Energy practitioner with a passion for anchoring light on canvas and helping others align with their Soul Path.


My most recent joy this Lion's Gate is becoming a Resident Artist at 'Leaf Studios in Kallista' and gaining my Diploma in Sound Healing from the S.H.Academy in the U.K.Magic Happens!

Art & Sound Healing are my passions and I love to share The Frequency of Creativity with you.I hope to see you soon in a Circle, workshop, 1-1 or at the 'Leaf' shop. 

How My Journey Began.......

Synchronicity brought me to Australia twenty-five years ago. I left North West England and followed my heart to the outskirts of Melbourne and my adventure with Soul began.

I booked a Reiki Healing and something told me it was divine timing. I felt a spontaneous awakening in my body as the healing energy flowed ,as if every cell was buzzing ! My Third-Eye opened and I started to see waking visions and vivid dreams.


I began a path of discovery to understand these unusual experiences. In the process, I found we are far more than physical beings. I also looked for therapies to help with health issues and qualified in Reiki, Holistic Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Vibrational Sound Healing. I also work with the vibrational energies of Crystals and essential oils, blending them together in sensory bliss.


These modalities complemented my work in community, aged and disability welfare, though sometimes it was a strain to live in two worlds. My artwork integrates my Soul and anchors my body into the physical world. As Starseeds, we need to feel grounded here on Earth, as it's easy to feel like you want to leave and return to the stars. 

What Led Me Deeper.......


Yoga and meditation reduced my stress levels and guided me to understand ‘out of body’ experiences. I began to paint and journal about the cosmic beings, goddess devas, faeries and sacred geometry I saw. Then in 2006,  I experienced crystal singing bowls for the first time in Byron Bay and a whole new dimension opened up .My love of sound healing began.

Over the last twenty years I have come to understand these beautiful visions and thankfully met with others who also have similar experiences. We are all awakening together! I love to help people understand their spiritual natures and created my holistic therapy practice in 2015 to do just that. 

How Holistic Therapy Can Change Your Life .....


I share my story here, because many people have similar experiences and challenges, burying them deep within their psyche. The physical pain, anxiety, and depression this can cause is harmful to our well-being and blocks our self-expression.


If you find you are hiding your intuitive feelings and are confused or afraid of your psychic gifts, then it’s time to connect with your tribe and nourish your energy.

How Energy Therapy Works.....


Our bodies retain our emotional experiences in every cell and muscle. Sound Healing and Crystal Reiki gently releases the energetic imprint of these experiences in a way that complements and transcends psychological counselling.


After a few sessions, many people feel an improvement in the physical, mental and emotional health. They also comment on feeling more relaxed, calmer and able to focus on their personal goals and priorities.


Many people also experience what they describe as a "spiritual awakening" during their session. The Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls have a profound and remarkable impact on our psyche, which is sometimes beyond words. It's a deeply personal and unique journey, which will lead your Soul on a path of adventures and synchronicity!  


Vibrational Sound Healing became an integral part of my self-healing toolkit because it changed my life. As a qualified Sound Practitioner, Artist and Energy facilitator, I offer an authentic experience of self-empowerment, transformation and creativity.

Spiral of Anwyn - Acrylic on Canvas.jpg
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