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Samantha's Artwork

The Frequency of Creativity

'Soul Nourish Art' began way back in 2007 after a life-changing visit to Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Well Gardens in Somerset England. I had always dabbled in water-colour paintings and pencil sketches since I was a child, but everything changed after tuning into the energy of that amazing, sacred place.
It was around that time that I began to play my little Tibetan bowl more and I noticed as I did so, I saw colours and shapes, The shapes were actually geometrical and seemed multi-dimensional. It very hard to describe these visions in words. All I can say is I felt compelled to paint the faces I saw and to somehow translate their beautiful energy onto the canvas. So my paintings have developed over the years and are a gallery of all the authentic experiences I have of other realms. They are Cosmic, Faery, Earth Devas, Spirit Guides and Angelic beings. As I play my instruments to connect with the inspiration, I find myself relaxing and simply zoning-out. It's a waking meditation and very easy to slip into as some of my clients will agree when they experience a session. You bring your media of choice, journal, canvas or water-colour paper and create ! 

Book a  'Creative Soul Nourish' session with Samantha 
150 mins $244.00

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Creativity flows when you allow yourself to enter this state of relaxation and "zone-out". It's a non-judgmental state of being where you freely channel from your Heart Space and literally Float in Beauty.

Across the Universe - Portal
Across the Universe
Across the Universe - Portal
The Water Guardian - Dragonfly Goddess
Sea Star Goddess Rising
Maga Magdalene
Fire Faey
She and the Horse
Mama Cacao
Starseed Calling
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