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'Arwen's Garden' Vegan Frame Drum
  • 'Arwen's Garden' Vegan Frame Drum


    'Arwens Garden' is a secret place in Mother Earth's green temple, where the sacred geometry of intertwining symbols and Ivy leaves spiral to create a portal. Within the Leafy Portal lies the kingdom of the Fae where time stands still and the Goddess welcomes you silently sit with her within the green bower.

    This beautiful frame drum will take you into a hypnotic trance as you play with your fingers and find your own rhythm. Your heart will open, the rest is up to you !

    Handpainted on fibreskyn ( vegan) this drum can be played and displayed as an artwork.

    This drum is also displayed and for sale at 'Leaf Studios' shop and art gallery in Kallista in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne.

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