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'Dragonlore' Vegan Frame Drum SOLD
  • 'Dragonlore' Vegan Frame Drum SOLD


    This 'Dragonlore' frame drum was finished on the 6/6 New Moon under a Gemini Golden Solar frequency and emits a powerful Rebirth energy.


    The symbolism is steeped in Dragon & Earth lore and is a portal for Golden Light, anchoring high frequencies into Stone, Earth, plants, creatures of the Fae and of course the ley lines that criss-cross our planet.

    I was guided to use quite a bit of Gold in the painting, which reflects a Solar vibration.I also feel the drum is intentioned to use with crystals, as a crystal grid for space and personal cleansing as we dream our new beginnings into being.

    This drum is handpainted on fibreskyn and doesn't lose its resonance in cold or wet weather.It is played with two hands and has an amazing sound when tapped with the fingers.I seal all my handpainted drums with a high quality Resin finish. This drum has already found its Guardian, but I take commissions, so send me a message if you would like one of your own.

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