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 'Triskellion Dragon'
  • 'Triskellion Dragon'


    'The 3 Headed Dragon' is a mythical serpentine creature of ancient times has many myths attached to it depending on the country of origin. There are strong Eastern European and Celtic energies intertwined within the symbolism of these majestic beasts, which resonate with the Solar Plexus.

    This Vegan fibreskyn drum is played close to the chest with hands and fingers to create a vibrant and unique sound in all kinds of weather (vegan drums never lose their tone in the cold. )

    Each of my handpainted drums are unique and the energy is chanelled from Source. The artwork is sealed with high quality resin and can be played and displayed.

    • Postage or Collection

      This drum is also available at 'Leaf Studios' Kallista.

      Postage & Packing is extra so please confirm cost with Samantha

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