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Soul Spaces

Cockatoo 1-1 Sessions

At number 6 Belgrave-Gembrook Road in Cockatoo, you will find a hidden sanctuary of mindfulness to recharge your inner self. Nestled among beautiful trees is a private and beautiful little studio.Samantha's instruments for self-healing and inspirational artwork fill the space and takes you to other-worldly realms of Faery and the Cosmos.

                                                             The Magic Happens Here !


Emerald - Events  Circles Workshops

This peaceful space to energise your soul is situated  3/333 Main Street, Emerald Victoria. Samantha offers Events, Workshops and Soul Nourish Circles at Mindful AF so check out the Events page and her social media links for information. 'Mindful AF' (M.A.F.) is the perfect place to co-ordinate your inner-healing with a session of Yoga & Meditation as well as offering a selection of Wholefoods, Crystals and Oracle Cards. 

Pakenham -'Clover Wellness'
Sound Healing Circles
Workshops & Events

This new Wellness hub is conveniently located just off the main street in at 1/4 James St. Pakenham. From the 8th August 2022, Samantha is facilitating weekly Sound Healing Circles and also events and workshops so check out her Events page. 'Clover Wellness is cosy, intimate and comfortable space in which to enjoy your inner journey of relaxation and self-healing.  

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