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When you need a blissful Reiki, Crystals & Sound Healing treatment.

Clears and balances  your Chakras and realigns  your energy field. Ideal if you're feeling stressed, anxious or exhausted.


 You'll be floating in beauty with healing energy, a guided relaxation and sweet sound medicine.

Complementary herbal tea included.

60 mins $122.00

Free 15 minute phone chat with Samantha  available  

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Go deeper with  Crystal Reiki Sound Healing

Healing, nourishing energy and sweet sounds for our mind, body and spirit.


Crystal and Tibetan Singing bowls, Tuning Forks, Wind Gong and  Chimes clears your Chakras and energy field.

Vibrational Healing is a deeply personal, transforming experience. Physical and emotional pain, trauma and anxiety can be alleviated after just a few sessions. 

Complementary herbal tea included.

90 mins $155.00

Free 15 minute chat with Samantha available.

Deep Soul Nourish

Light Soul Nourish

Hypnotherapy and guided meditation with Sound Healing & Crystal Reiki guide your journey to the Halls of Amenti.


Karmic patterns are integrated to improve current relationships and overcome phobias.

A deeply transforming and soulful experience. 

Connect with past-life timelines, Spirit Guides and Angels  View previous lifetimes with  relevant learning for this lifetime.

Complementary herbal tea included.

150 mins $255.00

Free 15 mins phone chat with Samantha available.




Explore your Creativity with Sound Healing, Crystal Reiki and  Meditation . Be guided into  your Heart  Space to discover intuitive messages from your  Creative Spirit .


Samantha takes you on an inspiring  journey with the  frequencies of the singing bowls and chimes. You may see visions of colour and geometry and meet your Spirit Guides and Angels.  This session is unique and tailored to your intention and focus No artistic ability needed,  just an open heart and curiosity!


You bring your choice of media,  canvas or water-colour paper.

Be receptive to the Big Magic of the Universe!

Complementary herbal tea included.

150 mins $255.00


Free 15 minute  phone chat with Samantha available.   

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Past Life Karmic Journey

Creative Soul Nourish

"I recently spent time in Samantha's sanctuary of bliss. I knew I was in the right place and with the right person the minute I stepped through the door. Samantha is one of the most caring and gifted people that I've had the pleasure of meeting in my life. No words can explain how phenomenal I felt after my Chakra Cleanse. I would definitely call this a life-changing experience. The sounds of the singing bowls, bells, tuning forks and Samantha's calming voice literally took me to another place. I cannot recommend Samantha highly enough, she is amazing. I will now be a regular client for sure."  (Rhian)

Distance (Remote) Healing

Tibetsan Singing Bowls and Orcalce Cardswith Tingshaw Bells

For those times when you can't attend a session in person and wish to receive all the healing benefits of vibrational energy.


Reiki Master symbols, Crystal and Sound Healing Energy combine to re-align, cleanse and restore your wellbeing across the miles.

Distance, or remote healing works because energy transcends time and space. The intention of the facilitator to focus and amplify the universal healing energy and your intention to receive it for your highest good ensure a deeply soul nourishing session on a physical, mental , emotional and spiritual level. All from the comfort of your own home.

On booking, Samantha will contact you and confirm your specific intention for session with Reiki, Crystals and Sound Healing. She will also guide you to set up your space to ensure peace, relaxation and healing and help you to integrate the experience. For optimum sound experience it's best to use headphones.

60 mins $122.00 

Free 15 minute phone chat with Samantha available. 

" I was taken on a journey where pain in my left arm and shoulder blade disappeared and stress and tension in my neck and shoulders dissolved. The sounds enveloped my whole being, providing peace, calm and nourishment for my body and soul. By the end of the session I felt balanced and harmony had been restored emotionally, mentally and physically. Thank you Samantha."  (Sylvia)

Samantha Jane Ronalds

Samantha Jane Ronalds

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