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EARTH MEDICINE & COSMIC SOUNDS 22/2/22 Event & Pisces New Moon Portal

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Last Tuesday we celebrated the powerful 22.2.22 gateway of New Earth and Cosmic energy.

In a heart-centered collaboration with myself @soulnourishwellbeing Elyse from @spiritofcacaoa and James @jamesptnfitness we gathered with 22 Souls at 'Mindful AF' Emerald.

Yes 22 Souls ! Can you believe the numerology for this Sound and Earth Medicine immersion as we intentionally balanced feminine and masculine elements to bring a deeper sense of harmony and "groundedness" within our being. Elyse shared the wisdom of Mama Cacao, James crafted a meditation journey where we left behind old ways of being and my singing bowls wove frequencies of harmony.

A week later at Pisces New Moon, I'm reflecting how the the planet is now poised on the brink of unthinkable conflict, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine develops and thousands of Australians are flooded out of their homes. It's as if we have slipped into an alternate reality where we are witnessing people on our t.v. screens suffering appalling situations and feeling overwhelmed in a collective heart-chakra opening of compassion and love. It echoes the trauma of the last two years of scenes from the bush fires and covid-ravaged Europe. Once again we are confronted with our dark-side and asked to check-in on a personal and global level and overcome the old paradigm of duality.

Seven days ago we raised the collective vibration with loving intention in our hearts and as the conflict between light and dark now unfolds, we are required to hold a high vibration for everyone affected by war, trauma and displacement. As individuals we have a very important role to play in envisioning the most positive outcomes for World Peace and the movement away from war and polarity. It's hard being a Soul on Earth at this time but the truth is we all signed up for this and we know at a Soul-Level that we are required to step-up and help to raise consciousness. Our heart energy is a powerful tool and creates a unified field of Light that reaches far beyond our ourselves. This Pisces New Moon is an opportunity to amplify this intention.

Crystal Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls & Rainbow Light

The singing bowls sounded like Whale-Song that night and carried us into the watery depths of the oceans, rivers, streams and sacred wells across the planet. The planet's ley-lines and living waters are an image of our own bodies, so as we send healing to Gaia we send healing to ourselves too. We are reminded by the appalling images of war and floods on our t.v screens that We are One Another and the compassion we feel is a real as if it were happening to ourselves. There are several possible timelines being presented for humanity at the moment and as events unfold,I feel echoes of the previous Cold-War scenarios we've lived through in the 1960's and 1980's. This situation has been building for a very long time and as we move further into the age of Aquarius we have to face it.

Coming together to share a high frequency experience is one way to support each other. A few days before our event, I woke at 4.00 am with the following words flowing though my mind as if they were to be read out as part of the evening's meditation. This is a short excerpt of 'The Living Waters' ;

We Are One Another, We Are Each Other and all sense of separation is illusion as we re-member, re-member, re-member.The Whale Song channels through the resonance and frequencies of the singing bowls and ignites our original Soul Memory of this early time of pure creation. In harmony with their voices, we sing ourselves into being and re-create ourselves, birthing a New Earth. Each time we use our voices in unison, we strengthen this intention and the bond between us blossoms and grows.Our Body & Soul sings the Song of the Earth and Sea and Stars and the harmony fills the void.

Never underestimate the power of your intention for Love and Light .

If you'd like to keep your intention focused on positive energy, on helping yourself and others and our beautiful planet, join me every month at my 'Soul Nourish' Circles starting Friday 18th March 2022

7.00pm - 8.30pm at 'Mindful AF'Emerald - tickets $33.00 . Go into the draw to win a FREE 60 mins session with me !

See you there ! with Love & Light

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