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Hand Painted Frame & Buffalo Drums

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Unique works of Art to Play or Display!

My passion for painting drums is growing ! It's a cold winter's day here in Melbourne and I'm sitting by the fire creating a beautiful new collection. I start with the blank canvas of the fibreskin and feel the creative energy begin to flow....

I bought my first Bodhran ( Irish drum) many years ago and loved the sound of this unique frame drum.It felt great to play on my lap and create a simple rhythm with my hand, fingers and the little wooden beater. It was hypnotic and very soothing and yet energising! The drum is the oldest instrument played by humans and it remains the most immediate way to connect into your Heart and experience something primeval. Indigenous people have understood the magic of drumming to shift realities for eons and it's something I like to share in my 'Soul Nourish Circles' ( held every month at 'Mindful AF in Emerald'.) During Sound Healing sessions, clients say the drum beat affects them at a deep cellular level and they feel inspired to play and connect with the shamanic energy.

Buffalo v Frame Drum - what's the Difference? Each drum is unique, but here are the main differences;

Buffalo Drums are played with a beater, which have a deeper frame with rope handle at the back for easy playing and movement (see photo below.) They have a more resonant sound than the Frame Drum and are best played with a beater, which I also paint and embellish with feathers to match. You'll find each drum has a unique sound and energy, with different areas on the drum skin producing a slightly different sound. As you connect with your drum you will discover it's personality and go on a sound journey, which is hypnotic and healing. The artwork I create on each drum has a unique intention. You may be attracted to certain symbols and designs which resonate with you. Many of my clients love the Dragonfly and Butterfly designs I create, because they are attracted to the energy of Transformation and Awakening.

I also create Artwork for your own drum (fibreskin or animal skin) based on your intention and personal symbols. The Celtic 'Tree of Life' animal skin drum pictured bottom right was a recent private commission for client who wanted to incorporate her Irish heritage and female ancestor into the design. The artwork created a beautiful energy connection which helped her bond with the drum and enhanced her playing.

Prices for my unique hand painted Buffalo drums start from $350.00 for a 14" drum and $395.00 for a 16"plus p&p depending on complexity of design. You can request a quote for your animal skin drum design - prices vary depending on the size of drum and complexity of design (50 % deposit is required for work to begin.)

Frame drums are played by hand and have a thinner frame, usually played while sitting, placing the notch on the frame on your knee or holding in two hands away from the body. You can find different sounds using your fingers around the rim of the drum or using the palm of your hand in the centre of the drum. Frame and Buffalo drum are vegan ie. fibreskin not animal and therefore retain their beautiful resonance in all weathers. Animal skin drums can be affected by temperature and lose their resonance if exposed to the cold. If you are wanting to play your drum outdoors, I recommend the fibreskin drum as you will always find a powerful, sweet sound. It's a good idea to protect your drum against the elements with a soft cover.

All my drums are fine quality 'Remo' . Frame drums are available in sizes 8",10", 12" 14" 16" and 22" . The small drums are perfect for children, while the larger ones are great for ceremony and rituals. The Buffalo Drums are available in 14" and 16". All drums are also unique Artworks to hang on your wall

Prices start at $70.00 plus p&p for 8" Frame drum to $395.00 + depending on complexity of design for 22" (price does not include a beater as this is not required for a Frame Drum.)

Children really love to play the drums. I enjoy creating designs for the 8" frame drums which suit their small hands. I recently created 'Metatron's Cube' designs for two birthday boy gifts. Tuning into their energy was interesting as I felt one needed Blue & Green and one needed Red & Purple. It seemed to reflect their water and fire signs, which I wasn't aware of at the time. Every drum is unique for each person and I know that the people will be drawn to the drum that resonates for them.

My paintings are an expression of connection to Spirit, whether they are on drum skin or canvas. Playing singing bowls and tuning-in, I experience sound as geometry and colour. I'm told this is "synethsesia" and while it's hard to explain, it's easy for me to express in paint. The emotion and feeling of each colour carries a particular frequency that connects with people and if you are attracted to my artwork then I'm thrilled your Soul is hearing the call.

My work is intuitive and flows from my heart. I play many of the drums I paint in my Circle and encourage others to play and connect with their creativity as it is so healing. See the link below if you are interested in joining us 3rd Friday 7.00pm - 8.30pm every month, tickets $33.00.

If you'd like to own of my unique Frame or Buffalo Drums please visit my shop.

Samantha is an Energy Practitioner offering 1-1 sessions with Crystal Reiki, Sound Healing and Past-Life Journeys. She weaves the Alchemy of Art and Sound to create unique paintings, drums and Spirit Guide Art. Find out more here

Tickets for Samantha's Soul Nourish Circle available here

Samantha is also available for Corporate events and private Circles - send message.

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