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Hand Painted Shamanic Drums

Portal to Your Soul- The Power of Sound

The Buffalo Drum is a very powerful instrument to connect into your Heart-space. The rhythmic sound of each beat is hypnotic and deeply soothing. I lovingly design and free-hand paint each drum, bringing it to life so you can enjoy the flow of healing energy from it's voice. The designs often flow from 1-1 sessions as my clients experience the amazing resonance of the drum. Each drum is a creative collaboration with Spirit, Crystal, Reiki and Sound Healing energy. The process is magical and deeply personal to your Soul's Signature. I also play my own hand-painted drums in my client sessions and Circles and love they unique way their voice calls in Spirit.

The ' Tree of Life' design with Runic Symbols has a powerful resonance and is imbued with shamanic Eclipse energy for your personal Spirit Journeys. The design and symbols depict the ancient cycle of life as you travel from 'The Self' (Mannaz) to 'The Gateway' ( Thurisaz) with 'The Unknowable' (Odin) hidden in the center of the drum. The language of the ancient runes whispers to your Soul as the resonance of this drum connects into your sub-conscious mind.

The 'Butterfly' drum design emerged from a 1-1 healing session with a client who received past-life visions of Ancient Egypt, a Cosmic Star home and Mother Nature. I translated her experience into a design which captured her Soul essence. She shares that she plays her drum everyday in her meditations and loves the sense of peace and calm it brings her.

Every drum is unique, hand-painted and created from the frequencies and visions I experience when playing the Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chimes. My Spirit Guides channel their energy through my fingertips and I simply follow their guidance intuitively. Each drum beater is also hand-painted with matching symbols, which allows the Drum's voice to resonate. You can also play the drum with your hand and fingers like an Irish Bodhran drum.

I'm thrilled the drums found their new guardians and if you feel drawn to bring one into your life then send me a message though my contact page.

COMMISSIONS - let me paint your Drum

I also accept commission requests for designing and painting your own animal skin drum. The energy you create when making your drum is significant and usually involves a day-long ritual and ceremony honouring the animal who gave it's hide. You may receive images and symbols during this process, which I can translate into a unique design for you. This beautiful 14" deer-skin drum belongs to a client who wished to imbue it with her own energy and Irish ancestral links.

Custom hand-painted 16" Buffalo (Remo Vegan) drums $395.00.

Animal Skin drum - commission prices start at $220.00

Send a message via my Contact Page for details and we can start creating !

Samantha is a qualified Holistic practitioner and Artist combining her love of Sound Healing, Crystal Reiki, Past-Life Hypnosis. She offers 1-1 Soul Nourish Sessions from her little studio in Cockatoo and Circles and Workshops at 'Mindful AF' Emerald.

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