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Celestial Ocean Queen

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The Story behind the painting.

Power Animal Dreaming - Art, Meditation & Sound Healing

CELESTIAL OCEAN QUEEN’ – Mixed Media on Canvas

Late in the evening of 11/11/20, I journey through a meditation with talented Israeli Artist and Teacher/Facilitator Michal Shimoni. Her inspiring on-line courses resonate with my creative process of connecting with Spirit and I was excited to see what Soul-Guides would appear.

On this night we travelled together to meet our Power Animals.

I felt the steady drumbeat carry me down a long tunnel and into the sunlight. Salt air filled my senses and soothing sounds of waves washed over me as a beautiful white horse carried me underwater. Immersed in deep blue-green colours, we drifted down.

Words began to flow as I gazed into the eye of a Whale…..

It’s time for the Whales to bring our healing frequencies into the land. To ignite the energy within our bodies and Mother Earth. To wake up the energy so it flows once more through Her veins. Into the ley-lines and power grids around the planet.

We remind you of your Sovereignty

We tell you how your voice creates a matrix of Sacred Geometry and colour. So it fits like a glove around the Earth. It’s time for the sea to hold the Earth. She will be healed by water, as She has been healed many times before.

Like a mother enclosing her arms around her baby to hold and comfort, nurture and nourish.

The words are a lullaby of Healing for Humanity. They are heard in our dreams and brought into our physical world by our voices. We are singing the harmonies of the Chakras to open our energy centres to the new light streaming in from the Galactic Center, Alcyone. Through colour-codes and sacred geometric shapes that resonate with our awakening DNA.

The sonic voices of the Whales hold the magnetic framework of Earth in place.

They remind us of our initiation from complete Souls to tiny crystal shards of light in human form. Now is the time we have prepared for as we are led by the animals, Mother Earth and voices from the sea. We are asked to take heed or our human world will be washed away if our consciousness fails to rise with Her.

I’m on the beach again and high above, wings outstretched and silhouetted against the Full Moon an Owl hovers and offers Wisdom. I hear the Swan whisper magic spells in my ear, filled with Grace, Strength and Beauty. And the Whales, oh the Whales sing their Songs of Healing into my Soul and I hear their call!

Your Power Animals are calling you too!

They surround you everyday and sometimes slip into the physical world to catch your eye as a reminder there is magic in this world too. It’s easy to ignore them when we are busy, but when we acknowledge them, their powerful influence guides and supports us through difficult times.

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