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Amazing things happen when you decide something has to change.

A year ago I had the pleasure of connecting with a very special client. She embraced the belief that life could change for the better. She decided to try something new after years of repeating the same challenging experiences. Her commitment to showing up for every session with me with an open heart and desire to overcome her negative self-image was inspirational. I'm thrilled beyond words to see how the Spiritual Tools I offer can make such a difference in someone's life. I'm also grateful for the words she wrote to me this week and her openness in letting me share them with you ......

After struggling with severe mental illnesses for many years, I had the pleasure of discovering Samantha at 'Soul Nourish Wellbeing'.

I was at my wits end as I had tried every single pharmaceutical and psychiatric treatment option that was made available to me. But when I discovered Samantha's Sound Healing, I began to experience profound change which opened my mind up to alternative modalities for healing.

Samantha conveyed compassion and showed dedication to my healing, which changed the trajectory of my life within a few months of frequent appointments. Her therapeutic process of assessment, inquiry and reflection of my personal needs and difficulties, were complemented with tonal and rhythmic instruments. This facilitated a sense of deep relaxation and empowered me to make life-changing improvements to my health and wellbeing.

I cannot express the level of gratitude I have for the safe and supportive space she held for me where I was able to release stagnant energy, traumatic stress, and complex emotions that I have struggled with for most of my life - Tamika Jade, Elwood

What Happens in a 'Soul Nourish Session'?

I'm dedicated to helping you find wellness, happiness and Soulful purpose in your life with a unique combination of Spiritual Tools for Self-Healing that free your mind, body and spirit.

Crystal Reiki, Sound Healing, Hypnosis and gentle breath-work guide you to a place where you connect with your body's wisdom and self-healing ability. Together we discover the underlying emotional reasons for your pain, trauma, disturbed sleep,anxiety or other issues. The frequencies of the Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls,Chimes and Body Tuning Forks create harmonic release and balance and can effect positive change after only a few sessions. Placing Clear Quartz, Lemurian and other carefully chosen crystals along your Chakras, I also guide you to connect with your own special crystal for extra healing support. Channeling Universal Reiki energy through the crystals amplifies their healing qualities. As a Holistic Counsellor, I also help you understand and integrate your experiences, offering easy techniques to use between sessions. "A wonderfully relaxing, soul-nourishing experience!" (Soul Nourish - 90 mins $133.00.)

Past-Life journeys add another layer of deep healing to your session as I guide you to connect with previous lifetimes that hold karmic relevance in your current timeline. I help you focus your intention for your session with a short guided mediation and support you to identify relevant patterns. You experience deep relaxation and transformation at a cellular level as I guide you to access visions from the Akashic Records in a safe and supportive cocoon of energy.Karmic patterns are integrated to improve current relationships, overcome phobias or change unhelpful habits. A deeply amazing and transforming session ! (Past-Life Soul Nourish 150 mins $244.00.)

Creative journeys with Sound Healing are inspirational and beautiful heart-opening sessions which open a gateway to the visions of your Soul. Together, we connect into your Spirit Guides & Angels with guided meditation and Oracle Cards and release a beautiful flow of creativity in words and images, which is healing and transforming. I love sharing techniques for connecting with the Goddess, Faery and Crystal Nature Devas and supporting you with spiritual tools for self-healing. "Such an awesome, inspiring session! (Creative Soul Nourish 150 mins $244.00.)

All 1-1 sessions are in the comfort of my beautiful little sanctuary in the heart of the Dandenong Hills with complementary herbal tea for extra grounding.

Small workshops and Circles coming in March at 'Mindful AF' !

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