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16" Hand-Painted Frame DRum
  • 16" Hand-Painted Frame DRum


    This beautiful Soul 16" Hand-Painted Butterfly Frame drum is now looking for a forever home!


    The oldest instrument played by human beings,a drum is an essential part of our Spiritual toolkit, connecting us with ancient rhythms and rituals.

    I created this design at Soul Nourish Art from the Heart.The resonant frequencies align with the energy of Transformation.As we emerge from the cocoon of 3D into 5D, there is a different beat calling us. This drum is uniquely hand-painted with love and the Gold-Orange Soul-infused Solar energy of Archangel Metatron.


    Connecting with a drum is a very special experience. The Frame drum is played on your knee, reverberating directly into your Heart Chakra so it's a powerful shamanic tool to connect with Spirit and your inner world. You can also hold the drum with two hands and play away from the body.


    Vegan Remo

    Fibreskin 16 " Drum

    Acrylic paint sealed with matt finish spray

    Played with hands therefore no beater required


    P&P is extra cost depending on location


    Please allow 3 weeks for completion and delivery after payment as this is a hand painted item.your
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