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Butterfly 14 "Buffalo Drum
  • Butterfly 14 "Buffalo Drum


    This beautiful handpainted 14 "  Vegan Buffalo Drum with hand-painted drum-beater carries Butterfly and sacred geometry energy to carry you into the realms of Spirit. 


    The Butterfly is magical symbol of Transformation and the beauty within us. This drum has a very delicate, Faery vibration and a hypnotic frequency to take you into other dimensions.  This combined energy imbues the drum with a powerful intention for creativity and inspiration. If this drum is calling to you, it may be time for you to connect with your gifts and self-expression and be her new Guardian !


    The beater is also hand-painted to match the drum, allowing the drum's voice to resonate.You can also play the drum with your fingers like the Irish Bodhran drum, which brings an even stronger connection with the sound and the power of sound healing for your self-healing.


    Package and postage included in price for delivery in Australia (15.00). Please send enquiry for postage costs to other countries. 

    Please allow 3 weeks for completion and delivery after payment as this is a hand painted item.your
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