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Frequency Rising

Frequency Rising


Acrylic on canvas - 30 x 40cm


This inspiring Artwork was created around the time of the 8/8 portal when new ideas for a collaborative Day Retreat were flowing. The 'Frequency Rising' Day Retreat is a beautiful event to celebrate the awakening of the Divine Feminine and is held on Saturday 28th October ( click on the link for details and tickets.)  


This powerful feminine presence holds the sacred energy of new Light Codes currently flooding Earth.She guides us to Anchor the Light into our bodies and raise our frequency to a higher level. As with all my artworks, Sound Healing opened the gateway of the Third Eye and created a connection with my Guides and Angels. The energy of New Earth is emitted from the canvas and She reminds us that we are the divine link between the Earth & Stars. 


She holds a personal and powerful vibration and heralds the dawn of new beginings, sovereignty and manifestation.Meditating on her image helps to open your Heart Chakra and connect with your Soul guidance.


The Artwork comes with a hand embellished, channelled message for inspiration and guidance as we rise together into the Golden Age.


This artwork will also be available at 'Leaf Studios' gallery in Kallista , Melbourne this week. If you require P&P, please contact Samantha to confirm shipping costs for your location.


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