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' Goddess Aura' Spray
  • ' Goddess Aura' Spray


    A beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love, each spray holds a high vibrational frequency of Love & Light and the sweet overtones of the Singing Bowls and chimes.


    Samantha has created this divinely inspired misting spray imbued with Full Moon and Crystal Reiki energy for over ten years. Blended with essential oils and the magical Goddess Vibration of Chalice Well Glastonbury England, you'll feel calm, soothed and floating in beauty after each spray.


    These elixirs hold the intention of Self-Love & Healing and are perfect to carry in your bag or sit next to your computer for whenever you need a "quick-fix" stress release. Simply close your eyes, breathe and spray from your Crown slowly sweeping through your energy field to restore balance and harmony. Also perfect to spray on your pillow at night to help you find sweet dreams and Angels. 


    The 50ml Spray comes in a blue glass bottle with gauze bag & gift card.


    Perfect for Space Clearing & Meditation too! A divine blend of Essential Oils & Crystal Deva frequency, imbued with Lunar energy and spring water from Chalice Well, Glastonbury.


    Also available at 'Leaf Studios' gallery and shop in Kallista, Melbourne

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      We hope you love our products and if for any reason you are not satisfied we will try our best to resolve any issues. Cost of returning product is your responsibility so choose carefully thank you .

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