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Custom Hand- Painted 16" Shamanic Vegan Drum
  • Custom Hand- Painted 16" Shamanic Vegan Drum


    16" inch diameter Vegan (Remo Fibre Skin) Buffalo Shamanic Drum with hand-painted drum-beater. This beautiful drum has now been sold but you can place an order by emailing Samantha at


    Original hand- painted drum with ' Tree of Life' design and Runic Symobls.


    This beautiful Drum has a powerful resonance and is imbued with shamanic Eclipse energy for your personal Spirit Journeys. The design and runic symbols depict the ancient cycle of life as you travel from 'The Self' (Mannaz) to 'The Gateway' ( Thurisaz) with 'The Unknowable' (Odin) hidden in the centre of the drum. The language of the ancient runes whispers to your Soul as the resonance of this drum connects into your sub-conscious mind.


    This drum is hand-painted and created from the frequencies and visions I experience when playing the Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chimes. My Spirit Guides channel their energy through my fingertips and I simply follow their wise guidance. The Beater is also hand-painted with matching symbols, which allows the Drum's voice to resonate. You can also play the drum with your hand and fingers like an Irish Bodhran drum.


    I hope you connect with the energy of this drum and feel drawn to be its new Guardian.


    Custom made hand-painted drums available  - prices from $395.00.

    Please message me for more information via my contact page .


    Private Commissions also accepted for painting your own hand-made, animal skin drum - message Samantha via 'Contact' page for details.

    Please allow 3 weeks for completion and delivery after payment as this is a hand painted item.your
    • Buffalo Drum Care

      Fibre skin drums retain their resonance in all weather conditions and environments and so are great to play outdoors for rituals, circles and events. All skins are sealed after painting,  but we advise you always protect your drum in a suitable carrier when transporting, covering the surface with a soft cloth (protect from water.)

      If you have any questions, you are welcome to send a message to me via my 'Contact 'Page. 

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