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Handpainted Frame Drum-Sold

Handpainted Frame Drum-Sold


Handpainted Frame drum 


This beautiful little frame drum is imbued with Celtic symbols and the magical ivy of the Faeries (one of my favourite motifs.) Tapping a gently rhythm on the vegan drumskin can send you into a hypnotic trance as you connect into your Heart Chakra and receive guidance from your Soul. She holds the Frequency of Creativity, created with Sound Healing and channelled from the Earth & Stars.


The drum can also be hung on the wall as a unique artwork,for crystal gridding and ritual altar work. 


The drum is also available to view at 'Leaf Studios' gallery in Kallista, Melbourne. Shipping is extra, so please check costs with Samantha if you require postage to your location.

Expected to ship around 14 days from placing order
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