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Lunar Lilith

Lunar Lilith


A New Moon Energy amplifies our ability to envision new beginnings and manifest our dreams. She leads your mind,  wandering down new pathways.There's magick in the darkness and 'Lunar Lilith' here knows all about that. She is the Goddess of self-empowerment and truth-telling, an awesome ally for your Altar! 


Some doors may have closed recently and you might be wondering 'what next?' What would your Heart say, what would you tell yourself if you were on the outside looking in? Lilith here asks us to be honest with ourselves and just go for it !


Her Crystal vibe is Onyx & Hematite with a sprinkle of Turquoise.


She is Mixed Media on Canvas

30cm x 30 cm


  • Mixed Media on Canvas 30cm x 30cm

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