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Metatron's Cube Small Frame Drum

Metatron's Cube Small Frame Drum


A beautiful little drum, ideal for young children, for Crystal gridding and an artwork to hang on your wall.


This frame drum holds the sacred geometry and frequency of Metatron's Cube.Frame drums are played by hand and have a thinner frame, usually played while sitting, placing the notch on the frame on your knee or holding in two hands away from the body. You can find different sounds using your fingers around the rim of the drum or using the palm of your hand in the centre of the drum. Frame and Buffalo drum are vegan ie. fibreskin not animal and therefore retain their beautiful resonance in all weathers. Animal skin drums can be affected by temperature and lose their resonance if exposed to the cold. If you are wanting to play your drum outdoors, I recommend the fibreskin drum as you will always find a powerful, sweet sound. It's a good idea to protect your drum against the elements with a soft cover.




Available at 'Leaf Studios' Kallista

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