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' My Goddess Vow' -Hand-Embellished A4 Print

' My Goddess Vow' -Hand-Embellished A4 Print


Hand-Embellished A4 Print


A channelled poem from the Goddess, reminding us that despite many lifetimes of suffering and persecution, our Light cannot be dimmed !


I received the inspiration for this poem as I was driving along Paternoster Rd. in Emerald, a little village on the outskirts of Melbourne near where I live. I had to pull over to the side of the road and write down the first verse. The rest of the words flowed onto the page once I arrived home. It reminded me that although we have experienced many past-lives where we have been silenced, our voice will always be heard eventually . As we have now chosen to reincarnate into the Aquarian Age, we are reclaiming out Soul memories and gifts and rising together .


The original framed watercolur painting is also available at 'Leaf Studios' gallery and shop in Kallista, Melbourne.


A4 Prints also available. 

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