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The Amethyst Portal - SOLD
  • The Amethyst Portal - SOLD


    Full Moon feels like the right time to share a little about this painting, 'The Amethyst Portal', which flowed onto the canvas in the final week of March. I didn't realise the significance or comprehend the energy during the days leading up to the Eclipse, except to say my sixth sense told me to get ready.

    Get ready for what I asked? It's a good job we don't always know what's coming. I now understand the energy of this artwork is a portal between timelines.It leads to a place beyond this world where our senses are acutely tuned and our hearts are cracked open; where we're asked to surrender and let go of everything we think we know.I was about to lose someone very dear to my heart and this painting helped me step into another realm and cope with the metamorphosis required.It still guides me and is a comfort.I realised today from the messages I received, that the energy in this painting calls to others too.Synchronicity is weaving its magic.

    I'm guided to share that the portal of 10 Amethyst crystals creates a harmonic gateway, which resonates with multiple planetary frequencies calling us back to our home in the Stars.The Moon is our guide and She lights our way as She does tonight.There is a great sense of comfort stepping through this dimensional energy, following the Amethyst Light, but also anchoring it back here on Mother Earth.Let it take you where you need to go.

    Tonight's Full Moon is a beacon for healing the past and embracing the future.It's different for everyone, I know, but I invite you to surrender control and bathe in the healing aura.

    This artwork is currently displayed and available to purchase at 'Leaf Studios' Kallista where Samantha is a resident Artist.

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