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The Water Guardian

The Water Guardian


I love this Artwork, She;s one of my favourites.


Cool and Powerful like the water element in which she lives, She overcomes all obstacles in time. Water carries deep emotion and always finds a way through the most impossible places.


The Dragonly symbolises our dreams and reminds us of the illusion of reality. Dragonflies are pure magick! I like to think She turns our dreams into reality with her steady gaze .New Moon energy is building, new intentions, new beginnings.  - Mixed Media Acrylic on Canvas 60cm x 76 cm $844.00 SPECIAL OFFER $565.4860cm x 76cm Acrylic and Mixed Media on Cotton Canvas.


Artwork also available at 'Leaf Studios' gallery and shop in Kallista, Melbourne


Shipping cost is extra - confirm details with Samantha 



  • Mixed Media Acrylic on Canvas 60 cm x 76 cm

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