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Tree of Life -Sold (orders taken)
  • Tree of Life -Sold (orders taken)


    Vegan Remo Handpainted Buffalo Drum with handpainted beater.


    14 " diameter Vegan Shamanic Buffalo Drum with hand-painted drum-beater. This beautiful and unique hand-painted drum carries Viking energy with the Tree of Life and runic symbols to connect you with the realms of Spirit and the ancient ancestors. 


    The Celtic Tree connects Heaven and Earth and weaves the mystery of the Universe into a sacred geometry to anchor Light into the physical realms. There is an hypnotic rhythm to the drum beat which shifts your consciousness into higher realms. The Runes spiralling around the Crescent Moons connect you with your inner guidance . If this drum is calling to you, it may be time for you to connect with your ancient gifts and past-life memories !


    All my drums are imbued with the frequencies of Love and Light as they are created when playing my Tibetan and Crystal bowls. The beater is also hand-painted to match the drum, allowing the rhythms to resonate.You can also play the drum with your fingers like the Irish Bodhran drum, which brings an even stronger connection with the sound and the power of sound healing for your self-healing.

    • Shipping

      This drum is currently available in Leaf Studios, Kallista, Melbourne also. Postage and packing cost are additional , depending on where you are located. Please check with Samantha when purchasing to arrange. 

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