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'Butterfly Dreams'- New 16" Frame Drum

This beautiful Soul 16" Hand-Painted Butterfly Frame drum is now looking for a forever home!

The oldest instrument played by human beings,a drum is an essential part of our Spiritual toolkit, connecting us with ancient rhythms and rituals.

I created this design at Soul Nourish Art from the Heart.The resonant frequencies align with the energy of Transformation.As we emerge from the cocoon of 3D into 5D, there is a different beat calling us. This drum is uniquely hand-painted with love and the Gold-Orange Soul-infused Solar energy of Archangel Metatron.

Connecting with a drum is a very special experience. The Frame drum is played on your knee, reverberating directly into your Heart Chakra so it's a powerful shamanic tool to connect with Spirit and your inner world. You can also hold the drum with two hands and play away from the body. It takes a little practice to play by tapping your fingers and using the palm of your hand, but it's very worthwhile and bring a greater sense of connection with your drum rather than playing with a beater.

Each hand-painted drum is unique and infused with Soul energy. You may be drawn to particular symbols and designs that resonate with you .I also hand-paint animal skin drums if you have one you have made and would like a personal design creating just for you . The animal skin drum design pictured below was created for a client who wished to infuse her drum with ancestral Irish symbols.

If you'd like to invest in your own Buffalo or Frame drum, please visit my shop to see available drums or send me a message here if you like me to design and paint yours for you . If you'd like to know more about Frame and Buffalo drums there's more here

You may also want to come along to one of my Sound Healing Circles in Emerald and Pakenham to enjoy the healing vibrations of a range of instruments`.

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