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New Beginnings - the 'Lion's Gate' Portal

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Six years ago on the Lion's Gate' portal, I started my holistic business. I remember it being a 'leap of faith' where excitement inspiration and a little bit of fear provided the impetus to get things started . Now I'm stepping into a beautiful, high-vibe new space at 'Mindful AF' taking bookings on-line, expanding my offerings and inviting you to join me on this amazing journey!

Coming out of the spiritual closet is an important step for anyone. For many years I'd kept quiet about the extraordinary things I experienced. I destroyed and hid many paintings and drawings that depicted strange beings and unusual writing and symbols from my teenage years. There weren't many people I could share this with back then and it wasn't until I came to Melbourne from the U.K in my early 30's that I began to meet people who cracked my spirit open.

Reiki, Crystals, Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy and Art became essentials tools in my self-healing kit and carried me through several health challenges and personal Soul Growth. So I offer an authentic and unique blend of therapies in my sessions, with creativity at the core. We are enchanted, magical creatures who sometimes feel crushed by the weight of modern-day life. Sound Healing restores our ancient Soul memories and re-connects us with our Spirit. It's an experience beyond words as many of my clients will tell you.

The energy of our current times has accelerated the awakening of many people. The pandemic, climate change and other social changes have heralded the arrival of the Aquarian Age. Shifting into higher frequencies can feel a bit disorientating at first. Staying grounded helps us anchor the potent cosmic energy into Mother Earth and ourselves.

Caring for our energy is very important because it directly affects our physical, mental , emotional and spiritual well being. When you nourish your Soul you feed every area of your life and good health and happiness naturally flow. Creativity also blossoms and becomes a celebration of your life. The beautiful frequencies of the instruments create the potential for deep healing, peace, harmony and transformation.

The first step is listening to your intuition, surrendering to the Universe and allowing yourself to be guided.

Samantha is now taking bookings for the Friday 3rd and Friday 17th September at 'Mindful AF' 3/333 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd. Emerald. These Special Soul Nourish Session are an introductory offer. Samantha also runs Events from this beautiful space .

Client Review

" ......I was surrounded by beautiful art, instruments, crystals and Samantha's abundant energy, which is a blend of things literally out of this world! On the table, I was taken away to another place, space and time with a journey where she connected me into me and everything I needed. While she travelled around the room playing different instruments , I could still feel her standing beside, me creating a space for my healing.

I recommend this 90 mins session for anyone who gives of themselves a lot, is in service to others or who just needs to check in and see what YOU need in this moment. I noticed the following day I'd handed over my stress and blockages were now clearing. All the while I was relaxed, smiling and enjoying !

Thank you for sharing your gift with me Samantha" Amy, Emerald

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