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Sweet Sounds - Celebrating Imbolc Magic

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

The Celtic Wheel of the Year has turned to the festival of Awakening today. It's time for us to create, heal and bring forward our inspired visions into the light.

The first stirrings of the cold winter Earth make us think there are warmer days ahead where we can gather again under the tree canopy. The warmth of the sun is reflected in the beautiful, vibrant blossoms of Wattle tree. Green shoots and growth is near!

Walking the dogs in our garden this morning, I found a young Wattle tree with it's slender limbs bent and snapped by the recent storms. The flowers were still blooming on the broken branches and the beauty of this made me think how we too, continue to bloom through adversity.

Talking to the tree, I gathered some of the blossoms and thanked Her for the gift of sunlight in Her flowers. It was so beautiful to feel my senses enjoying the scent of the eucalyptus surrounding the Wattle. I love how the tree just continues to be itself, flowering despite being bowed to the ground, not reaching up to the sun. It's a tree, it is here to grow and flower like us.

Imbolc embodies the deep desire for us to share our life-force and manifest our magic into action. When life seems hardest, that's when our gifts come forward and just being ourselves is enough. The light within us and our heart-centered goodwill can change so much, we forget how amazing we are.

The sweet, deep harmonies of the singing bowls have an earthy resonance that anchors us in our bodies and helps us balance and focus. There's a clarity that blossoms with the overtones and sinks us gently into the cells of our bodies. We can float in beauty in this sweet moment and create .

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